Vein Treatments

naturopathic laser vein removal maple ridge

Our doctor is well trained and educated in treating small to large veins. Our clinic offers sclerotherapy, electrosurgery, and ND:YAG laser vein services.

Options We Offer

Electrosurgery is an extremely effective treatment we offer for reducing or eliminating small spider veins quickly, easily and safely. Minimally invasive, this affordable treatment works well on all skin colouring.

Sclerotherapy involves salt/saline solutions, available in varying concentrations, that are directly injected into the veins. Inside the lumen of the vein becomes "sticky" and closes off the circulation to the specific vein. Over the course of time, the vein diminishes. A medical intake and compression stalkings prescription will be made prior to any injections, to ensure the safest and most clinically effective results.

NDYAG Laser Vein treatment uses a high power laser, that is water cooled, that effectively and painlessly reduces the size of your leg veins. There is no downtime with this procedure.

laser vein removal or electrotherapy for spider veins
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