Laser Vein Reduction

medical laser vein removal and reduction

Unsightly blue and red veins are a common concern and chronic health problem for many individuals, which can affect confidence and become embarrassing for people. At Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care we are thrilled to offer laser vein reduction for all skin types (white, brown and all dark skin types are safe with our machine) and facial and body veins of all sizes and concerns.

What to expect with treatment:

  • Quick
  • Safe and clinically effective
  • Painless

During each session the laser technician will apply ultra sound gel over the treatment area. The doctor and technician will set the appropriate parameters on the laser and begin lasing the area of concern. With each laser shot you will feel a "rubber band snap" or warmth sensation, but we will do what we can to ensure you remain very comfortable during the procedure.

How many treatments and what results can I expect?

We recommend 5-8 treatment sessions 2-6 weeks apart from one another for optimal results. We expect at least an 80-100% reduction in visible veins*. Typically no maintenance is required. However, over time some veins do reappear, so we recommend a touch-up treatment as you feel is appropriate.

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