Laser Stretch Mark Removal

laser stretch mark treatment and removal

Stretch marks are a common concern and chronic health problem for many individuals. Unsightly stretch marks can affect confidence and become embarrassing. Until now, there has only been one means of treating red and purple stretch marks: cosmetic surgery. Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care now offers laser assisted treatment of stretch marks (only red and purple) with 1064nm NDYAG laser.

What to expect with treatment:

  • Quick
  • Safe and clinically effective
  • Very comfortable
  • Painless
  • Long term results

During each session the laser technician will apply ultrasound gel over the treatment area, and set the appropriate parameters on the laser, after which we begin lasing the area. Each laser shot you will feel nothing but a slight warm sensation, and we do our best to ensure that you remain very comfortable during the procedure.

Is maintenance required?

Typically no maintenance is required. However, over time some stretch marks reappear, so we recommend a touch-up treatment as you feel is appropriate.

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