Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift

Non surgical eyebrow lift involves strategically injected dermal filler at specific points in and around the eyebrow.

What are the benefits of non surgical eyebrow lift injections?

Quick, easy, safe, cost effective, and immediate results with no downtime. Tiny corrections in and around the eyebrow can soften the overall look of your face, raise the eyebrows a few milimetres, diminsh crows feet, reduce the look of being tired. Of course there are limitations to what this procedure can accomplish for some people's eyebrow structure, eyebrow cosmetics (the way you stencil, shape your eyebrows with makeup etc...) will effect overall results of this treatment. You will recieve honest advice prior to commencing this treatment, and it will be acknowledged prior to commencing this treatment. Even patients whom have already recieved a a face lift still choose to have their eyebrows injected with a dermal filler to improve the overall surgical intervention.

Where can the eyebrows be injected? And what can be accomplished?

The lateral and midline of the eyebrows can be raised, especially if it naturally flat or non arched. The eyebrows themselves can be filled in, especially if there is a divit or depression in your bone structure. The eyebrow appearance can be narrowed or widened (depending on ethnicity and desired cosmetic result; however, 99% of women simply want a little eyebrow lift to compliment their overall facial structure, open their eyes) to diminish the overall saggy appearance of the upper eyelid. Any eyebrow depression can be filled to contour the overall eyebrow and upper facial structure. Deformity or uneveness can be corrected, angulating the eyebrows to be equal on both side of your face.

For best results, our doctor recommends Botox eyebrow lift, dermal fillers eye brow lift AND Lumenis: Skin Tightening RF laser procedure to dramatically and safely raise those eyebrows AND diminish the upper eyelid skin saggyness and crows feet.

Schedule a visit with our naturopathic doctor for a personal analysis of what would work best for you.

Before and After Examples

salveo non surgical eyebrow lift before
salveo non surgical eyebrow lift after

Photos are taken immediately post treatment. Goal: to mildly lift the eyebrow and open the eyes. This procedure gives an overall refreshed look with an immediate refreshment of the skin so you don’t look tired. Overall 1.0ml of hyaluronic acid (Revanesse Ultra) dermal filler was injected. Results should last from 6 to 12 months. Results by Salveo doctor.

salveo non surgical eyebrow lift before
salveo non surgical eyebrow lift after

Photos are taken immediately post treatment. Immediate mid to lateral eyebrow lift and upper eyelid skin tightened. 0.5ml of hyaluronic acid filler was injected. Results by Salveo doctor.

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