Chin Augmentation

Non Surgical Chin Augmentation

Non surgical chin involves strategically injected dermal filler at specific points in and around the chin.

What are the benefits of non surgical chin injections?

Quick, easy, safe, cost effective, and immediate results with no downtime. Tiny corrections in and around the chin can soften the overall look of your face. Of course there are limitations to what this procedure can accomplish for some people's chin structure, and honest advice prior to commencing this treatment will be acknowledged prior to commencing this treatment. Even patients whom have already recieved a face lift still choose to have their chin's injected with a dermal filler to improve the overall surgical intervention.

Where can the chin be injected? And what can be accomplished?

The tip of the chin can be raised, especially if it is naturally flat. The tip of the chin can be filled in, especially if there is a divit or depression in the chin. The chin appearance can be narrowed or widened (depending on ethnicity and desired cosmetic result; however, in 99% of women what is most commonly desired is a nice cute little chin to compliment their overall facial structure) to diminish an overall strong chin appearance. Any chin depression can be filled to contour the overall chin and jawline structure. Deformity to the left/right can be corrected, angulating the chin midline to the face.

Before and After Examples

non surgical chin augmentation before photo non surgical chin augmentation after photo

Photos are taken immediately post treatment. Goal: to contour and fill in the chin depression. This procedure gives an overall slimming aspect to the face. Overall 1.0ml of hyaluronic acid (Revanesse Contour) dermal filler was injected. Results should last from 6 to 18 months. Results by our doctor.

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