Autism Spectrum Disorders

naturopathic autism treatment

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Naturopathic treatments can be very effective in assessing and treating Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD) using evidence based literature from around the world. These illnesses are complex in nature and require abundant biochemical, physiological and mental health understanding what these children are going through.

Our doctor uses an integrative biomedical approach similar to DAN (Defeat Autism Now) to assess and treat these children to improve their cognition, concentration, behaviours, attention span, neurological and physiological functioning, so they can have the best chances at developing into healthy young people.

What is DAN approach to Autism?

Defeat Autism Now (DAN) is a project of the Autism Research Institute, founded in the 1960s by Dr. Bernard Rimland. DAN doctors are trained in the "DAN Protocol," an approach to autism treatment which starts with the idea that autism is a biomedical disorder. Specifically, DAN doctors feel that autism is a disorder caused by a combination of lowered immune response, external toxins from vaccines and other sources, and problems caused by certain foods.

At Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care we can provide the following DAN protocols:

  • Urine/hair test samples for toxic metal burden (heavy metals)
  • Urine/blood testing for specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies/excesses
  • Digestive, liver, and neurological function testing
  • Specific stool testing for parasitology and organisms
  • Blood testing for specific food sensivities and allergies
  • Blood tests for immunological impairment
  • Address specific emotions, moods , behaviors, habits
  • Professional detoxification
  • Individualized dietary counseling
  • Condition specific medical supplements and nutrient injections
  • and many more services ...

First we begin with simple and cost effective means of treating this disorder, then we progress with more sophisticated laboratory findings to guide our therapies. Please note that it is normally not necessary to conduct all laboratory invetigations on all Autism spectrum patients. Also every treatment recommendation from our doctors will be backed up with thorough research and understanding of the clinical outcomes we want to achieve. Sometimes, the simplest of treatments provide the greatest results. It is well worth visiting a licensed and registered Naturopathic Doctor to improve the overall wellbeing and health of individuals who are on the autism spectrum.

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