About Salveo

Mission Statement & Values

“Salveo” means “in good health and well being” in latin. Our doctor named the clinic with the inspiration to lead their patients to optimal health and cosmetic wellbeing. We understand the direct impact of poor skin health after Shalon was seriously burned in a laboratory accident years ago. Our doctor understands the impact of multiple doctors visits around the country, the medical treatments for scars, skin and body disfigurement, skin grafts along with the psychological impairment of decreased self esteem, self awareness, and refraining from social engagements in order to avoid people inquiring about your physical nature. In their experience, it took all of what conventional and naturopathic medicine could offer to fully heal Shalon and to help regain her self confidence and continue supporting all of those with skin care ailments through our clinic. This experience is what drives our passion to help those with all skin health issues.

The Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care approach to health and cosmetics is integrative team inspired approach, meaning that we use traditional natural techniques along with conventional medicine in all of our daily work with our patients. You will be taken care of on many different levels of mind and body with clinical effectiveness and safety always taken into consistant consideration. At Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care we strive to ensure that all of our patients are as comfortable as possible, and that your health and well being are taken into considerations at all times.

At Salveo Naturopathic we will also provide you with strategies and education to make informed choices in your own health and cosmetic care using safe, reliable, and predictable procedures, techniques, and products that provide dependable results. Let our expertise, passion, and commitment to your health and cosmetics improve your overall health and well being.

Our Naturopathic Doctors

  • Dr. Heather Iverson ND

    Dr. Iverson completed her Bachelors degree in Physical Education and Business at Vancouver Island University while excelling as a varsity soccer team lead player. While pursuing her passion for medicine, she attended Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine to become a licensed and registered Naturopathic Physician. 

    Dr. Iverson entered into Naturopathic Medicine because she believes in prevention and treatment strategies combining both conventional and natural medicines.  Her education has not only advanced her clinical aptitude in cosmetic and sports medicine, she has adopted her own unique strategies to naturally support and treat patients based on their individual needs.  As a highly regarded skillful injector, Dr. Iverson offers botox, dermal fillers, prolotherapy, and nutritional intravenous therapies.  As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Iverson's philosophy is to invigorate and integrate with other health care providers, and teach patients preventative strategies to maintain the best health and cosmetic outcomes. Dr. Iverson is a sweet natured, calm physician whom will look at all aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health to create the best treatment plan for you.

The Salveo Naturopathic Team

  • Vena N. - Eyelash Extension & Permanent Makeup Technician

    Vena of Pour Couture is a certified advanced lash technician, specializing in thick, long lasting lashes that are catered to your unique set of eyes and desired look. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Vena loves nothing better than seeing happy customers. This commitment to a higher standard has clients from all over the Lower Mainland traveling to see her. Vena's mission is to create a relaxing, personalized experience, resulting in eyelash extensions of the highest quality.

  • Tara Preece - Licensed Practical Nurse

    A licensed practice nurse, Tara has over 6 years of medical cosmetic experience as an esthetic nurse, medical esthetician, and laser technician. Tara has worked with some of the best doctors and medical leaders available in the cosmetic industry in British Columbia. Tara actively shares her passion for medical cosmetics with her dedication to patient care and education, consistently persuing safe and reliable results for everyone. Highly trained and experienced, Tara is very diverse and clinically educated to helping people with their skin and overall health and well being.

  • Crystal Spurr - Receptionist

    Crystal Spurr has been training and managing people for over 12 years in some high level corporate settings. Crystal has just begun her passion to promote health and beauty. She has received a diplomas in Management with years of experience in helping people. Crystal is passionate about skin and beauty and is determined to satisfy all Salveo patients. At Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care, Crystal expresses her need to utilize her many people skills, and to speak honestly and directly to patients about the services Salveo offers.

  • Shalon Strauss - Office Manager

    Shalon Strauss earned both biotechnology and pharmacy technician diplomas. Shalon Strauss' passion stems from her experience of being a burn victim survivor herself. Through countless medical therapies and treatments in her own journey to heal, it was found that Naturopathic medicine played a great role in healing and rehabilitation. Taking into account the effort to regain her health, she has the clinical and actual experience and passion to help guide others towards optimal health and wellbeing.

    * Shalon Strauss is currently not licensed with the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC.

  • Paige Weber - Receptionist & Medical Assistant

    Paige has the passion and the knowledge to help patients choose the appropriate service for their concerns. Her valuable knowledge of the industry, her passion to help others, along with her cheerful smile upon entering the clinic, Paige engages and listens to people very well. From medical assistant to front reception, Paige's serenity and passion for cosmetic medicine is evident as you enter or leave our office. A valuable entity of the clinic, Paige is honest, truthful, sincere, and respectful of all people.

  • Mariah Schultz - Medical Assistant

    Demonstrating an intense passion for medical cosmetics, Mariah is actively involved in pursuing a nursing career at Douglas College. As a Medical Assistant, Mariah shares her ambition to practice medical cosmetics daily. Detailed, honest, and explaining to the point her opinion with patients, Mariah is passionate and dedicated to what could and should be done in cosmetic medicine. Her passion is easily shared and evidenced when she consults and helps patients in the decision making process.

  • Raquel Gill - Marketing & Business Development

    Raquel attended Blanche Macdonald and completed her Marketing Diploma, then went on to study Communications and Media at University of the Fraser Valley which resulted in a Media and Literacy certificate. She has work experience in Business Development as well as sales and education management in the beauty products and services industry. Raquel discovered her extreme passion for cosmetic medicine years ago when she started going herself. She has a goal to share the information and services with others and has a way to make everyone comfortable. Her people and communication skills are a must for this industry, and she wants to constantly educate potential clients on cosmetic procedures and medicine.

  • Giulia Mitache - Receptionist & Customer Relations

    Giulia is dedicated to art, beauty and health, merging the three into a customer relations career. Giulia continues to expand her knowledge, training our medical staff regularly and also attending various seminars and training workshops. With a vast knowledge and passion for skin care, Giulia is an asset to Salveo Naturopathic.

  • Christina Ilicic - Microblading Specialist

    Christina Ilicic, founder of Ilicic Beauty Bar, is a passionate artist to the core. With her certification with MINX BROWS, and her continued research in the industry, she ensures she is up to date on the latest trends and innovated techniques.

    Nearing over 20 years experience in the tourism and beauty industry, she has always had a love for charismatic creativity. Christina is extremely precise and won't settle for anything less than perfection. As a permanent make up artist, she will have you loving your new brows!!

  • Claudia Schwarz - Body Therapist

    Claudia has always had a passion for learning and understanding the how, why, when, where of all the things surrounding us. One of her first steps was earning a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry to gain understanding from the most elemental state. After moving to Canada and starting a family, one of her children was having behaviour issues; to help her and Claudia cope with this a friend suggested Bach Flower Remedies and that started her journey down the healing path. From Bach Flower Remedies came Reiki (Usui level I,II and III), tarot card reading, open and access the Akashic Records (Soul Journeys Method) and the latest is Raindrop Technique (Perfect Essence Academy) that implements essential oils anointing, the knowledge of chemistry, energy work, Tibetan acupressure, and Lakota healing tradition. Claudia is compassionate and knowledgeable about the services she offers. Her purpose is to create a safe and nurturing environment that allows and encourages the clients to begin their healing journey.

    • Certified Raindrop Technique Facilitator
    • Perfect Essence Academy
    • Dr. Edward Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner
    • Dr. Edward Bach Foundation UK
    • Usui Reiki Practitioner
    • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Levels I,II, III
    • Akashik Record Consultant
    • The Soul Journey Method Level I
    • Vancouver Tarot School

Charity and Sponsorship

Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care is proud to announce its involvement in World Vision's Child Sponsorship Program. We are thrilled to have to opportunity to give back to those who need help both here and through out the entire world.

Green Energy & Conservation

The clinic director of Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care, believes in conserving energy and protecting our environment. Thanks to new technologies, we all have the capability to conserve and protect our environment in different and unique ways. Sure, we all recycle as much as we can, but us at Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care, believe that small and large businesses have a corporate responsability to conserve and protect our environment as well.

Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care actively makes many small, and sometimes large steps in energy conservation:

  • Over 100 LED flood light bulbs in the clinic
  • New energy efficient HVAC system
  • Electronic timers to regulate on/off hot/cold air circulation
  • Infrared security sensors & cameras
  • Nylon/PVC flooring to withstand years of commercial use
  • Low volatile paints (minimize off gases)
  • 3 Front pendant lights (have to stay on for security purposes 24 hours a day/7 days week) are 4 watts each, instead of the conventional 50 watts each
  • Large Store front "Salveo Naturopathic & Skin Care" sign consists of over 50 LEDS
  • Company car is a 2015 Nissan Leaf (zero emissions, 100% battery operated vehicle)

Fun Facts

Salveo Naturopathic & Skin Care owns and operates a Nissan Leaf!

Nissan Leaf produces zero emissions, no oil changes, and no gas to fuel up. We pay approximately 1.5 cents per kilometre to drive the Nissan Leaf AND produces Zero emissions! Also, the BC government has subsidized many charging stations around the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the USA. Most charging stations are FREE to charge. Yes, I said that right, FREE to charge. Imagine how much gas/oil one can save by driving one fo these cars ...

Imagine the impact of driving your car has on the environment....Salveo Naturopathic & Skin Care is dedicated at preserving our wonderful environment for future generations. Proof is in the science, as Automotive Science Group (ASG) calculated that the Nissan Leaf had the lowest environmental footprint over its entire life cycle versus any other production car in the world.

Nissan’s all-electric LEAF is the best car to buy in terms of carbon footprint, says ASG. But now we’ve got some proof — from the Automotive Science Group no less — which places electric cars at front and centre in its 2014 Automotive Performance Index. What’s more, the ASG says that the 2014 Nissan LEAF is the car with the smallest life-cycle environmental footprint of any 2014 model year car capable of seating at least four passengers on sale in the U.S. today, beating every other plug-in and non-plug-in car in terms of the social, economic, and environmental impact it has.

Scientifically derived using complex algorithms, the 2014 Automotive Performance Index examined more than 1,300 cars on sale in the U.S. today, and looks at the environmental impact of each car from its manufacture through to its recycling, as well as its sociological and health impact in addition to more conventional benchmarks like top speed, specification and safety.

LED Vs Incandescent Bulbs Vs Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

  • Can last up to 50000 hours
  • Use 13.5 watts of energy (75 watt bulb)
  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and lower electric bills
  • Each bulb contains no mercury
  • RoHS compliant
  • Generate 1/10th the carbon dioxide (CO2) versus a incandecent bulb
  • Lower energy consumption decreases: CO2 emissions, sulfur oxide, and high-level nuclear waste.

Energy Savings Over 50,000 hours, Assuming 100 Bulbs

Total cost to purchase and use 100 LED bulbs (75 watt flood light): $7299.00

Savings to household by switching to LEDS from incandescents: $26675.00

Savings to household by switching to LEDS from compact fluorescent lights (CFLs): $26275.00 (Similar to LEDS but there is mercury in the bulb, and they don't last as long; think recycling these bulbs over their lifespan and the environmental impact)

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